NEO… the next Bitcoin?

While there will be no “next Bitcoin”, there will be blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies filling specific niches, providing specific solutions to specific problems… making things better. Right now, NEO is taking the needed steps towards a “mightier blockchain developer ecosysytem”.

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Which Cryptocurrencies Will Be The Next Bitcoin (BTC)?

I will answer this question in the best way I am able, and will share my insight concerning two altcoins I have recently exchanged some of my Bitcoin for and why.

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Five Kinds of Success Stagnation and How to Beat Them

This article quickly discusses 5 of them… kinds of stagnation… and also how to overcome and avoid them so your number one most valuable resource… your time… will yield more success. We will solve the problem of success stagnation by way of reverse engineering the problem.

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Just Some Thoughts About Better Blogging

The more I try, the more I fail. And the more I fail, the closer I know I am getting to success… BECAUSE… I’m not trying the same things under the same circumstances… or am I? You see what I’m saying?

And by all means think too hard about it. Think so hard about it you give yourself your first migraine if you’ve never had one. Not really. Take it easy on yourself. But I’m sure you catch my drift. At least you pushed so hard against that so-called limitation that you now know that it probably really is one!

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Can A Blog Make Me Rich… What Else Can Blogging do… Why Should I Blog?

I haven’t written a post here in quite a while and I just thought I’d remind myself and others what blogging is really all about.

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Is Adblock evil, or is its use justified?

Ok, ok… I know, I know… ads suck! But just hear me out.

I’m just going to jump into the deep end concerning this whole debate… for lack of a better word… debate. It seems to me that Adblock is for people who like to read those sites that are created specifically to adorn a center stage advertisement with fluff. We’ve all seen them, we all know what they are. Or do we?

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Quark… a new crypto currency to invest in… now!

For those of you not at all familiar with cryptocurrencies, they do not exist physically. Cryptocurrencies are “mined” by computers performing math, with increasing difficulty over time, and are kept only as a computer file. Send and receive transactions are made using a digital wallet which you download for free. Cryptocurrency transactions take only a few minutes to confirm, via peer-to-peer networks. They are popular with people who like the idea of instant transactions and not having records kept of their purchases.

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Review of… Screw the 9 to 5!

Just what is… Screw the 9 to 5? It is Jay Wessman’s (aka the Lazy Ass Stoner) new course showing you how to turn minimal effort building niche sites into $$$!

“So?”… you might be thinking. “What is so special or unique about THIS course?”

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Affiliate Product Review Criteria

Have you ever answered a question with a question? It is something the great philosopher Socrates did often. The purpose is to spark the imagination and the thought process while at the same time reasoning at the ultimate answer, but while also allowing for the pupil to arrive at the truest answer for himself, realizing it from within.

Well, if I were to be asked perhaps the ultimate question concerning affiliate marketing, my answer would be Socratic.

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How to One-up Your Affiliate Competition

Bloggers are authority figures in their niche topic… or at least they strive to be. In being so, we are always on the lookout for new information and inspiration. We Google search our topic words and when we see another blog writing about the same stuff as us, we look for inspiration from that blog. We sign up for the newsletters of the sites we admire and we follow the links in the emails we get from them. They either maintain our interest or they eventually fall short of our expectations. This is true of everyone who has ever signed up for a newsletter.

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